Grab your tongs and apron, it’s officially barbecue season. These recipes will up your grill game and leave you satisfied + smiling.

Get ready to become the ultimate cookout master of your circle.

STEP ONE: Choose Your Drool-Worthy BurgercrazyFetaStuffedBurger_2Crazy Feta-Stuffed Burger with Green Tomatoes & Sriracha Greek Yogurt 

30132799735_b04788b3b3_kLemon and Dill Salmon Burgers with Avocado Tzatziki

tumblr_nu4pn9xzex1sgjse9o4_r1_1280Harissa Lamb Burger with Fried Haloumi & Tzatziki

STEP TWO: Sides. Sides. Sides. tumblr_nqemxxPGHa1sgjse9o6_1280Grilled Corn with Tzatziki Crema

tumblr_nso83leqxb1sgjse9o3_1280Watermelon Avocado Crab Stack with Whipped Crazy Feta

Labor-Day-Grilling-Recipes_Crazy-Feta-and-Tomatoes-1Heirloom Tomatoes with Charred Corn and Whipped Crazy Feta

Labor-Day-Grilling-Recipes_Hummus-Roasted-Veggies-Crispy-Chickpeas-3Roasted Root Veggies with Crispy Chickpeas and Hummus

tumblr_nqfenx2Wqh1sgjse9o1_1280Fresh Summer Salad with Eggplant-Red Pepper Vinaigrette

Spring-2016-Picnic-Shoot_Barley-Salad-2Barley Salad with Spicy Hummus Dressing

tumblr_nso7q91trs1sgjse9o3_1280Crazy Feta Crab Dip with Old Bay Za’atar Pita Wedges

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