Whether in the city or in the ‘burbs, gardening can be an activity enjoyed by all.

Here are our 5 favorite gardening tips for the most fertile time of year:

1. When planting, make sure you’re using the right kind of pots. While terra-cotta is a known classic, moisture tends to evaporate quickly. If you’re forgetful about watering your plants, try planting in pots composed of resin or fiberglass – they hold moisture longer.

2. In this summer heat, gardening can be tedious. Save yourself the time and plant perennials which come back every year.

3. Shake-up your morning routine: Try harvesting in the a.m., when plants are at their peak.

4. If you have limited space, try vertical gardening! Need ideas? Here’s some BuzzFeed inspiration.

5. If you can, weed early and often. Most plants require weeding five to seven days after sowing or transplanting, seven to 10 days later, and finally three to four weeks after the initial planting.

{Image via City Blossoms}

Happy gardening!