We’re happiest when we’re sharing our food, our culture, our vibes, with others. And we couldn’t do that without every one of our CAVA team members. It’s a fanaticism that can’t be faked – it’s a passion we just have to share.

So we’re going to start hearing straight from our team about how they savor life – not just while they’re on the clock at your go-to CAVA location, but (perhaps even more importantly) while they’re off it.

Let’s dive right in. Today we’re hearing from Osmar, the Assistant Manager at our Fairfax location:

What are you passionate about?

Spending time with my family. I take my son out to play soccer. He plays offense, and he just loves every game. We have a baby girl who’s two months old, so I spend a lot of time with her. You always want to teach your kids how to be, show them the right way, guide them. When my baby boy was born, I didn’t even know how to change diapers – I’m much better now that we’re on number two.

What meal do you make when you’re cooking for loved ones?

Pupusas de queso. Really any kind of Salvadoran food – soups, steak, anything with lots of flavors and spices. I like when we have family meal at the restaurant before we open. It’s fun to make food for everybody, to share and try something different.

What’s your favorite memory of food when you were growing up?

I grew up watching my mom cook, and always trying to help her. That’s how I learned. For her, food always had to be perfect. She was always adding something new. I remember one time when she was teaching me a recipe, and I was so sure that I had learned it. But then when I tried to recreate it, everything went wrong.

What gets you excited about CAVA?

I love working with customers. I like that each customer always has a new question, and it’s my job to have an answer. I work very hard making sure I know all of the answers.

How has your role at CAVA impacted your life?

I remember the first time I came to CAVA, the regional manager, Marcelo, started me out washing dishes. Then I moved onto working on prep, then the grill, then the line. And eventually, Marcelo gave me the chance to be a supervisor, and finally an assistant manager. This job is preparing me for the future, and I’m grateful for that.

What’s your go-to at CAVA?

Brown rice with tzatziki, harissa, and hummus, plus half chicken and half meatballs. And then all of the toppings, plus sriracha Greek yogurt. I also loved the strawberry lime juice in the spring.