A few weeks ago, a few members of our Cava team journeyed to Leone Produce in Vineland, New Jersey.

Nestled just a few hours from DC (not too far from Philly), Leone Produce is a collection of farms focused on growing a bounty of vegetables — including spinach, mint, onions, rainbow chard, leeks, arugula, and many others. This collaborative setting is a family enterprise, with many farms claiming numerous generations of farmers.

This time of year, the salad greens harvest is in full swing, and we got a front-row seat to the action and the growers’ passion for their craft. One thing that was extremely evident was how proud the farmers were of their product — quality and freshness matter above all.

Sam Leone, the leader of Leone Produce, added:

“The cost of doing it right and the cost of just doing it are two different things. But doing it right goes a long way. Supplying to local restaurants means we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.”

Visiting the gorgeous, sprawling mint fields at the Leone Produce consortium gave us a peek into the very beginnings of our Strawberry Mint Lime Juice. Seriously, if you’ve never stood in the middle of a mint field, start looking for a way to make it happen – the smell is incredibly intoxicating.

Another of the Leone Produce team members, hailing from Dan Graiff Farms, discussed how they manage to hold their salad green crops, like spinach, to such high quality standards: It’s all about soil quality.

“A big crop rotation and the planting of cover crops, like sorghum and winter wheat, help to put more nutrients in the soil and ensure healthy produce.”

We are proud to source from farms that hold the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship that we do. Sourcing from growers and producers like Leone Produce — and many other Mid-Atlantic favorites — continues to be incredibly fulfilling.

All of our fresh baby spinach this season will come from Leone Produce — so dig in and support a great collective of local farms!