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How Future Chefs is Cooking Up a Brighter Tomorrow in Boston

Food is a force for good – good flavor, good will, good health, good community, and good vibes along the way. Enter Toni Elka and Loni Zelfon, founder/executive director and program manager of Future Chefs, our nonprofit partner in our newest home of Boston.

CAVA x Boston

HEY THERE, BOSTON.  Good news: 2018's finally here – and so is Crazy Feta.  While others are headed south for the winter, we thought we'd turn tradition o... Read More...
CAVA Richmond Opening Richmond City Skyline

Hey There, Richmond!

RICHMOND. We got our start in the DC-area, so we've never been too far away. But as some of our loyal customers and friends began moving south, one city kept... Read More...
Cava Grill NYC Farm Partners Satur Farms

New York Farm Spotlight | Satur Farms

We recently started partnering with Satur Farms to showcase their rainbow of lush baby lettuces, ranging in flavor from delicately sweet to pleasantly bitter. We’re honored to source baby arugula, baby spinach, and mesclun mix from Satur Farms and introduce it at our recently launched Union Square spot in NYC. We visited the duo behind this thriving lettuce hub on the North Fork of Long Island, and quickly got hooked on their partnership: