In Season

In Season | NEW for Winter

This season, we’re roasting veggies, crafting juices, and cooking up new recipes with one goal in mind: to fill you and fulfill you, too. Brought to life by fi... Read More...
Cava Grill Fall 2016 Seasonal Menu

In Season | New For FALL

Crisp, warm, and spiced with a generous hand -- there’s a reason we spend all year looking FORWARD TO FALL. This season, our menu will reflect our heightened ef... Read More...
Cava Grill Blood Orange Pinterest Board

In Season // Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges. The darling of the citrus world, these gorgeously scarlet-red oranges are the reason your green tea has gone a bit golden this season.
Beets Seasonal Pinterest Board

In Season // Beets

Also known as the veg that always seems to stain something you're wearing. Its gorgeous fuchsia hue just so happens to be one of our favorite parts though.
Cava Grill Cauliflower Pinterest Board

In Season // Cauliflower

This cruciferous veg might get a bit of a boring rep, but it just so happens to be one of our faves. We have you covered with all the best ideas on how to eat it.

In season // Squash

Squash. We’re not just talking about pumpkin-spiced this or pumpkin-infused that. We’re talking about the vast array of different squash varieties, colors, and ... Read More...