We’re proud to collaborate with some of the best food people in our cities. We produce our own products in small batches in our regions, so it’s only natural for us to support others who are creating some of the best stuff out there. One of those makers: Jenna Huntsberger of Whisked! in DC.

Drawing inspiration from one of our favorite summer stone fruits, Jenna reimagined her classic Pretzel Cowboy cookie for us, retraining the salty and sweet flavor balance of the original treat and amping it up with an extra hint of sweetness from apricots.

Cava Grill Partners Whisked! Summer Seasonal Apricot Cowboy Cookie

We sat down with Jenna to get a better idea of her inspiration for these unique goodies. Here’s how they came to be:

“I found out about cowboy cookies when I was writing my food blog, Modern Domestic. I did a series during the 2008 elections where I made a bunch of First Ladies’ cookie recipes. Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookie recipe was my favorite one in the series.

The idea is that a cowboy can take it out on the trail and practically live off of it because it’s full of mix-ins, like chocolate, fruit, and nuts.

Apricots are one of my very favorite dried fruits — I eat them all the time as a snack. When we were developing summer cookie ideas for CAVA, using apricots was a natural fit — they add that sweet and summery punch the cookies need.”


Available at all DC-area Cava Grill locations through the end of the season: the summer-inspired Apricot Cowboy Cookie. A classically chewy oatmeal cookie, with melty bits of semisweet chocolate, dried apricots, and lightly salted mini pretzels for an extra crunch. Salty and sweet, this cookie is the perfect ending (or beginning) to any meal.

Cava Grill Partners Whisked! Summer Seasonal Apricot Cowboy CookieCava Grill Partners Whisked! Summer Seasonal Apricot Cowboy Cookie