1) Seasons & Spice Pairings: Fall | Love & Lemons

Leave it to one of our go-to food bloggers, Jeanine of Love & Lemons, to put together a few perfect pairings of spices and their seasonal veggie counterpoints. We were already on the same page with the crisp recipe we paired with cinnamon and brown sugar; now we want to try sweet potatoes (and their greens) matched up with cayenne and saigon cinnamon.

2) Apple-Blackberry Crisp | Cava Grill on Steller

We tapped Jenna of Whisked! to come up with something cozy and flavorful featuring apples, and this simple crisp was just the ticket. According to Jenna, apples and blackberries only overlap in their seasons very briefly, so we’re glad to take advantage – plus, the color of this hearty dessert is just too good to miss.

3) Finding Your Roots: The Melting Pot | PBS

What with the origins of Cava Grill and its three first-generation Greek-American founders, it’s not surprise we’re intrigued by this PBS feature on three celeb chefs learning about their ancestry. The episode’s available online, and it follows Aaron Sanchez, Tom Colicchio, and Ming Tsai through discovering their heritage – definitely worth a watch.

4) 5 Writers Who Farmed | Modern Farmer

Who knew E.B. White (of Charlotte’s Web fame) and Emily Dickinson each cultivated passions for gardening and being around nature. We guess we’re not really all that surprised given their chosen subject matter, but this writeup is a pretty fascinating peek into the natural inspiration that drives some of history’s most renowned writers.

5) Greek Islands City Guide | Sophie Carr for Design Sponge

We’re always down for a quick jaunt across the Atlantic to revisit our roots – and this shopping, dining, and lodging guide is the perfect supplement to our planning. One of our favorite tips from interior designer Sophie Carr: “Ask for the local house wines – they are just as good as the bottles and half the price!” Now who wants to buy our plane ticket?