Happy Friday! Here’s our top V/5 this week:

1) What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast | New York Times

You might have grabbed an apple on your way out the door, or a mug of coffee and a hurried bowl of cereal – but this writeup investigates traditional food eaten for breakfast in seven different countries. Take a peek at this smorgasbord of morning meals across the world – it’s definitely making us rethink our morning bagel.

2) Apples: A Greek History | Diane Kochilas

Ever considered the origin of apples? And no – it has nothing to do with Johnny Appleseed. This writeup certainly surprised us, sourcing the history and symbolic meanings of apples back through the seventh century B.C.in ancient Greece.

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3) Our 7 Favorite Workout Trends for Fall | The Chalkboard Mag

Bored of your workout routine? Try switching it up with these fun, trendy fitness hacks that will have you jumping on trampolines, practicing ballet, searching the Internet, and doing short, high-intensity cardio bursts.

4) The Truth About Home Cooking | Mark Bittman for TIME

Bestselling food writer Mark Bittman discusses the epidemic of snacking and eating overly processed foods as opposed to taking the time to cook at home. Off to the kitchen!

5) Can These Young People Save the World? 50 Emerging Global Entrepreneurs to Watch | Inc

Sharing the story of 50 incredible young companies popping up all over the world, this article is well worth exploring. One of our favorite projects (pictured): Grove Labs, which has created refrigerator-like appliances that are designed to grow fresh food using a closed-loop ecosystem (think rooftop garden meets hydroponics). The toughest part for many of these businesses is getting out of the startup phase, but we’re certainly hoping to see them thrive.

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