When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food.

Here’s what we’re into this week:

1) The New Emoji Coming in 2016 | The Atlantic


Believe it or not, Emoji are the fastest growing language in the world. And as a language, it will continue to evolve and include more characters and descriptors to allow us to communicate in this awesome way. A few on our wishlist: the avocado, and the stuffed pita, of course!

2) Aerial Footage Captures the Beauty of Harvesting Cranberries | Mashable


What screams “fall” more than a cranberry bog? This awesome video from Eagle River, Wisconsin, leaves us in awe – just look at those colors!

3) What’s In Season in October | Food Republic


October brings a season of harvesting; as the summer leftovers like eggplants and tomatoes dwindle, delicious newcomers like mizuna, tomatillos, and sesame seeds take over. Colorado-based Chef Eric Skokan is on deck with creative ways to incorporate the new produce into your everyday meals.

4) Spices You Really Need in Your Pantry | Bon Appetit


When starting to build your kitchen, it can become super easy to overstock on spices. Here are some go-to recommendations. Believe us, you don’t need 70 spices – a few essentials will do the trick just fine.

5) Coffee Talk: How it Stacks Up Against Water | WSJ Health


Is a cup (or many cups) of black coffee really that bad for you? While some argue that it negatively impacts health, a new study conducted by Harvard’s School of Public Health aims to prove the naysayers wrong. According to the findings, coffee has similar hydration benefits as water,  and could help prevent disease while water cannot. Consider us intrigued.