Happy Friday! Here’s our top V/5 this week:

1) Some Common Foods Offer Uncommonly Good Health Benefits | Washington Post

Unassuming ingredients like the red peppers in our eggplant and red pepper dip, or the parsley in our meatballs, they’re actually huge powerhouses of nutrition. Feel good about a few everyday ingredients after reading this Washington Post roundup – time to start boosting that immune system before temps dip!

2) Honeyed Greek Filo Custard Dessert | Food52

When people talk about a labor of love, we’re pretty sure they’re talking about this recipe. But as with any recipe involving delicate, buttery, indulgent phyllo pastry, the results are worth the efforts. We’ll be adding galaktoboureko to our must-make list (and asking Chef D for advice, of course).

3) Watch Morgan Freeman Present an Awesome Vision of a Green Future | Grist

Debuted at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit in New York, this sprawling (yet brief) film is about much more than the world-famous voice behind its images. Morgan Freeman is teaching us all about how to create a cleaner, brighter future. And when Morgan Freeman talks, we listen.

4) 13 DC Secrets You Had No Idea Existed | Thrillist

We’re suckers for DC hidden gems. Who isn’t, really. Take a peek at this Thrillist roundup and let us know how many you’ve seen before (many of them were definitely new to us).

5) Touchdown! Get Moving with Harley Pasternak’s Football-Inspired Workouts | People

Fall means gametime. But when gametime starts to mean lots of sitting and eating too many rounds of Crazy Feta, we’ll look to this People writeup of football-inspired workout routines. Maybe we’ll even do the moves while watching the game!

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