When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food.

Here’s what we’re into this week:

1) The Carbon Footprint of Eating Out | Lucky Peach


Surprisingly, the food system makes up nearly 30% of all carbon emissions worldwide. This article takes a look at the emissions from cooking at home versus eating out to try to find a solution to our consumption and the overarching carbon footprint.

2) 7 Books You Need to Read This October | Los Angeles Magazine


Scouring the Internet for a new book to curl up with? Check out this list from LA Mag: From new West Coast to the “rest coast,” there are a ton of new reads being released this October that could be your perfect match.

3) Capital Bikeshare Could Grow by 99 Stations in DC Over 3 Years | DCist


This past Tuesday, the District Department of Transportation released a six-year plan that could potentially spur the growth of one of our city’s most beloved modes of transportation: biking! As of today, there are around 202 stations serving the DC area; under this new proposed plan, that number could reach 301 by 2018.

4) Yale Releases Nearly 6,000 Pictures Of D.C. During The Depression | DCist


In a world filled with color, it can be easy to forget that everything used to be captured in black and white. Recently, Yale released around 170,000 black and white photos that depicted our nation during the Great Depression – 6,000 of those are of DC alone. Eerie and moving, these images just begin to scratch the surface of numerous collections that may exist out there in peoples’ attics and storage units.

5) Why Now Is the Best Time of Year to Eat Oysters | Yahoo Food


Oysters have always seemed like a warmer-months thing, but science is proving that wrong. New advances in technology have made oyster eating a year-round possibility.