Here’s what we’re into this week:

1) Vegans Go Glam | New York Times 


When you hear the word vegan, you might appropriate the diet to that of barefooted hippies eating salad after salad, Well, not any more. There’s a new wave of veganism that is rapidly attracting followers in a while new, sexy, luxe way. From food blogs, to new types of restaurants, and even fashion, veganism has undergone a great transformation over the past few years.

2) This Guy Thinks Healthy Fast Food Is a Basic Human Right  | GOOD


GOOD sits down with The Local Globalists to discuss the preparations of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This amazing action plan coming this fall works to solve the world’s biggest problems, and these Local Globalists are helping to make this idea into an actionable reality.

3) Why Burritos are Ruining Mexican Food in America | Vice


While Tex-mex is great, we don’t really ever stop to question its authenticity. Mexican food has rapidly become Americanized, and there is no better example of this than the burrito. In this opinion piece, Rudy Raya explains how and why burritos have become misconstrued conceptions of what Mexican food is, and how real Mexican food has lost its soul in America.

4) The 10 Most Apocalyptic Photos of Last Night’s Super Blood Moon | LA Mag


In case you missed it, this week we experienced the last blood moon for, well, a while. Cloudiness made it a little tricky to spot for many, so If you can’t wait another 18 years to see it in person, check out these stellar Insta shots.

5) Baking School | The Kitchn


Want to brush up on your baking skills in time for the holiday season? The Kitchn is running a 20-Day Baking School program just like their popular Cooking School program, and it all starts the beginning of October. Follow the link to enter your email and sign up!