When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food.

Here’s what we’re into this week:

1) The Countries Using Google Search to Eat and Live Healthier | Mashable

Recently, Google Trends released an interactive search interest map, as a part of the United Nation’s 17 Proposed Sustainable Development Goals. While driving to promote well-being and healthy lives for all by 2030, the map recaps the most popular terms searched per country for the last year. One of the top priorities here in the US: search terms related to health and weight loss.

2) San Francisco’s First Automated Cafe Signals a Delicious, Terrifying Future | VICE

While machines are quickly becoming integrated in our daily lives, the one area machines have been slow to enter in the realm of food. That is, until Eatsa. Eatsa is an automated food service located in San Francisco. Essentially, you build your meal on your phone, and pick it up at the location in your own personalized cubby. Like something out of a futuristic movie, your meal is prepared instantly; but, where’s the kitchen?

3) 12 Recipes to Make With Grapes | Bon Appetit

Why grapes, you might ask? Because, fall. As the season of bonfires and layers and fiery foliage hues is rapidly approaching, we’re loving these grape recipes from Bon Appetit. Starting with this Spicy Grape Ricotta Crostini

4) This Sandwich Shop is a Front for a Weird, Wonderful Food Lab | VICE

Usually, you would just go into a sandwich shop, order your sandwich, and not think much more of it. Which is why Harry & Ida’s, a tiny shop located in Alphabet City, serves as the perfect front to a culinary laboratory, experimenting with all kinds of weirdly delicious creations. By operating as a store and not a restaurant, the curators of this “lab” are able to come up with new recipes through unique methods without having to answer to the Department of Health.

5) A new 9/11 memorial to Flight 93 | Washington Post

Today marks 14 years since one of the most storied, devastating days in many of our lifetimes. The memories continue to be preserved though – most recently with this newly established memorial to Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA.