Happy Friday! Here are our top five must reads before the weekend:

1) These Cool Leather Bags Were Once Rotten Fruit | Mashable

Move over Birkin, there’s a new bag in town. Design students from the Netherlands have created handbags from discarded fruit (no, really). The bags have a similar texture to leather and are composed of fruit compost – think mangos, oranges, apples, and more. The next time you visit your local clothing boutique, one of those bags could be on a shelf (and it could even be made into car seats or other seriously awesome applications further down the line).

2) What if Your Shirt Told You When You Needed a Water Break | FWx

Could this fitness tee alert you when you are on the brink of dehydration? After a long run in the summer, we’re always seriously on a mission to find fresh water. A Dutch designer has created a t-shirt that changes color based on your body’s needs for water.  If you are hydrated the shirt will turn blue, but if you’re dehydrated the shirt will change to orange.

3) Inside the Loneliest Five-Star Restaurant in the World | VICE

Luca Ficara isn’t just the best chef in Antarctica, he’s the only one. Despite not seeing sunlight for up to three months at a time, Ficara gives the crewmembers  at Antarctica’s Concordia Station a festive atmosphere with his colorful cuisine. The fine ingredients that Ficara uses go through a tremendous journey from Europe to Antarctica, which requires him to plan his menus weeks in advance. Who would’ve known that the coldest continent on the planet would have such a diverse cuisine.

4) The World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm is Being Built in New Jersey | Gizmodo

Acres of farmland could be a thing of the past. A converted warehouse is Newark, NJ, is currently being transformed into a vertical farm that will feed thousands of people once completed. It will eventually produce up to two million pounds of kale, arugula, and lettuce yearly.

5) This Artist is Sculpting 2,000 Cups Made Out of Sugar | Bon Appetit

Margaret Braun, a cake designer, was given the task of sculpting 2,000 cups all made of sugar.  No two cups are the same, and Braun credits her speediness  to her culinary discipline and her love for porcelain. The most popular question that people ask her is, “Can you drink from the cups?” Yes! Braun has stated that she has had coffee, tea, and hot cocoa from them, but doesn’t suggest wine, unless you want sangria…