Happy Friday! Here are our top five must-reads for this week:

1) 12 Clever YouTube Hacks to Make You a Smarter Faster Cook | Bon Appetit

Sure, YouTube has everything from music videos to popular dance tutorials. But the next time you visit, you could leave with some killer tips on how to hack your heart out like the kitchen pro you really are. Here’s Bon Appetit’s list of 12 vids to help you through everything from peeling a mango to turning egg shells into cups.

2) This Vegetable Vending Machine Could Save France’s Bankrupt Farmers | VICE

Wouldn’t it be cool to go to a vending machine and, instead of buying unhealthy snacks, you could buy locally grown produce (we promise, it’s tastier than those year-old pork rinds and dusty Mike & Ike’s). As supermarkets in France are starting to favor foreign food sources, farmers are starting to get creative. Unlike the supermarkets that import produce from other countries, these produce vending machines are sourcing locally — and producers take up to fifty perfect of the proceeds. This is just the sort of novel, if weird, idea about which we’d like to learn more.

3) The Food Capitals of the World, According to Instagram | CN Traveler

Have you ever geotagged your meal on Instagram? If so, you could have contributed to the ranking of Instagram’s Food Capitals of the World. New York City reigns supreme when it comes to pizza, and Los Angeles takes the number one spot for burritos.  Surprisingly, Paris is not the capital of macarons — that honor goes to Bangkok, Thailand.

4) Look at these Gorgeous Recipes Broken Down Into Their Ingredients | FWx

Let’s face it; standalone ingredients never look as awesome as the finished product. But an artist by the name of Mikkel Jul Hvilshø has set out to change that perspective. The simple act of cooking an egg may not sound artistic or photogenic, but it gives off an effect of elegance when the ingredients are laid out in a minimalistic way.

5) 10 Delicious Things to Watch on Netflix This Summer | The Kitchn

Take a break from “House of Cards” or “Orange is the New Black” and check out Netflix’s collection of feel-good culinary films. The lineup includes one of our go-tos, “Chef,” as well as “Spinning Plates,” which is a fresh take on the behind-the-scenes experience in a restaurant.