Happy Friday! Here are our top five must-reads for this week:

1) How the US Military is Infiltrating Your Kitchen | Bon Appetit

There may not be an army sergeant in your kitchen, but the military may have an influence on your food practice. No really, they had a hand in everything from the creation of the pouch that contains your cookie dough, to your favorite instant mac and cheese.

2) What Kind of Friend Are You? Your Favorite Food Combination Will Tell | The Kitchn

What if you could describe what type of friend that you are based off of your favorite food pairings? Do you like to pair coffee and doughnuts together? Open-minded friend it is. Big fan of PB&J – looks like you’re loyal and dependable.

3) In These Urban Forest Neighborhoods, The Houses are Disguised as Trees | Fast Company

Imagine you’re walking through a dense neighborhood such as Columbia Heights in DC or Battery Park in New York. Instead of seeing the typical concrete architecture of apartment buildings, visualize those structures covered in greenery that’s straight out of Appalachia. It may sound like a location setting from The Lord of the Rings, but an architect from the Netherlands has an idea that could make it into a reality. Now we can finally fulfill those childhood dreams of living in a treehouse!

4) This Farmer is Using a Drone to Spy on His Cows | VICE

Up, up, and away! We bet you’ve never driven past a farm and noticed a small alien spacecraft floating above it. It’s not a flying saucer making crop circles; but it could be a drone. A dairy farmer in England uses the modern technology to better monitor his herds and also to improve production efficiency. This could be a huge breakthrough in farming efficiency.

5) 9 Unforgettable Celebrity Food Disasters | YahooFood

Not the best at the whole cooking thing? This list of nine celebrity food disasters should cheer you up. Remember watching the kitchen scene in Mrs. Doubtfire as Robin Williams’s blouse was engulfed by flames? What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s when the pressure cooker exploded? Read on for more iconic moments.