Happy Friday! Here are our top five must-reads for this week:

1) Why Sad Movies Make You Eat More Popcorn & Candy | VICE

It’s officially back-to-back blockbuster premier season, people. Whether your go-to is Minions, or the heartfelt Amy Winehouse biopic, Amy, you may notice that your snack intake seems a little different (or maybe you won’t, but we’re still intrigued). This VICE piece goes into depth on the reason why people consume more while watching dramas than when screening action-packed films.

2) The Best Carnival Food | TastingTable

Whether your destination is Coney Island or your local county fair, carnival season is hitting its stride, and we’re all about funnel cakes and fried pickles. Grab cotton candy and enjoy the night sky on the ferris wheel to end the night. After all, you’ll need fuel to sustain the task of carrying around that gigantic teddy bear earned from your ring toss prowess.

3) Happy Campers: How to Drink & Eat Well in the Great Outdoors | Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit traded in the NYC hustle and bustle for backpacks and an awesome camping experience. We might be low on Boy Scout merit badges over here, but we know that mindful camping prep is a necessity when heading out to the woods. With this guide, not only will you be able to build a roaring campfire; you’ll also learn the proper way to fire up those steaks. Pro Tip: Bring on the boxed wine.

4) How to Know If You’ll Sweat in Your Clothes | Refinery29 (photo credit)

Humidity is a word that makes us all cringe during the summer. And though we would love to walk around with an air conditioner blowing in our faces as we wait for a crosswalk signal, that just isn’t real life. Instead, use this Refinery29 writeup as a resource for all the best textiles and breathable clothing fibers to keep cool. Hint: Linen just became your uniform.

5) Our Favorite TV Kitchens of All Time | domino

Ever find yourself paying attention to TV show sets more than the characters’ dialogues? You’re not alone. Television kitchens are the central gathering place for many of our favorite shows, and this tongue-in-cheek roundup of some of the best has us craving a kitchen update. Can we also talk about Seinfeld’s monochromatic kitchen palette? Oh, the memories.