Here’s our top five must-reads for the week:

1) Cookbooks to Keep You “Cool” All Summer | Tasting Table

This summer has certainly had its fair share of killer humidity days – so here’s a list of cool-down cookbooks from Tasting Table. Possibly our favorite: Big Gay Ice Cream, which is set up kind of like a high school yearbook. Start at freshman year with store-bought frozen ingredients and work your way up to senior year by going all-in on homemade ice cream. Save us a milkshake, won’t you?

2) Why is Hummus a Lunchtime Savior | Food52

It’s no secret we’re hummus fanatics. In the Cava HQ office, there’s always someone eating hummus for lunch – but not always in the way you’re imagining. We’re creative with our hummus and we want you to be, too! Mix it with your salad, put it on a wrap, even try it out on leftovers. Grab your favorite flavors of our locally made dips and spreads and let’s get creative.

3) Summer Bike Maintenance | Need Supply Co.

DC has been named one of the top ten cities for bike riding – but that doesn’t automatically equate to a smooth ride. From our dusty trails in Rock Creek Park to our occasionally pothole-studded roads downtown, the city life can take a toll on your wheels. Need Supply Co is here to help you keep yours in top shape.

4) This Rooftop Garden is Feeding Atlanta’s Homeless | VICE

Picture this: kale, chard, carrots, and zucchini lined up perfectly in rows. No, this isn’t your local Whole Foods Market; this is a rooftop garden that helps to provide food to Atlanta’s homeless population. The garden gives individuals a chance to learn about the nutritious benefits of vegetables and a way to gain experience on how to grow their own food once they get back on their feet. Gardening gives these residents a sense of peace that’s only attainable in nature.

5) 10 Little Things To Do For Houseguests | The Kitchn

Have guests coming over for an impromptu weekend? Creating a cozy B&B environment has never been so easy. There are tips ranging from breakfast preparation, to displaying your wifi password for your guests. Because let’s be real: Nothing says hospitality as much as free wifi while traveling. Another great one: leave a glass a water next to the bedside as well.