Happy Friday! Here are our top five must-reads (and must-watches) for this week:

1) 23 Books That Everyone With Wanderlust Should Read | Huff Post

It’s almost summer! That means we’re definitely prioritizing two of our favorite pastimes – traveling and reading. This expansive booklist is perfect for your inner wanderlust – and if there’s no vacation on your horizon, at least there’s far-off lands to dream about with these reads.

2) Forget Florals: Succulents Installations on Another Level | Chalkboard Mag

Tamar of Searoon Succulents tells us why we should hop on the succulents bandwagon – low-maintenance, resilient, and beautiful – these small plants add a bit of personality to any space. Plus, they don’t have to be boring or overdone anymore (you’ll never believe some of the succulentt applications in this post).

3) How Netflix’s Chef’s Table is Reinventing the Cooking Show | Indie Wire

As more and more cooking shows put all the focus on the competition and the spectacle, the art of cooking and the passion for food gets lost. Enter Chef’s Table, a refreshing newcomer that digs deeper into the stories of various top chefs and how they transform a necessity of life into an extension of creativity and being.

4) What’s in Season? June Produce Guide | Cookie + Kate

One of the best things about summer is the produce – stay in the know on what’s in season right now. We’re excited about fresh herbs, cucumber, and especially berries.

5) Public Art That Isn’t Garbage, But Collects It | City Lab

DC’s attempts at funding public art haven’t always gone so well… but these new mobile canvases are different. This amazing project is transforming recycling trucks across the city into works of art — definitely a public art project we can get on board with.