Happy Friday! Here are our top five must-reads for this week:

1) 10 Questions To Ask Your Partner At The Dinner Table | The Kitchn

We’re all guilty of having the same old dinner conversations again and again. So let’s vow to stop complaining about our commute or another coworker and spark some meaningful conversation instead.

2) Urban Breweries Visit Around America | Food Republic

Why not take your summer travel across the states to visit breweries in urban centers like San Fran, Boston, Denver, Chicago, LA, and DC?

#ProTip: DC Brau is one of our favorites in the area – check out our team visit to their brewery here.

3) 11 Foods to DIY With Your AC Blasting | Food 52

We all know the sticky summer heat can be brutal sometimes. So instead of sweating it out in the sun, why not stay inside and DIY something refreshing like cereal milk ice cream or basilcello?

4) 17 Recipes For The Recent College Grad | Food 52

Congrats graduates of 2015! Now it’s time to grow up from Easy Mac and takeout and learn a few foolproof recipes like classic chicken piccata and pan-fried white beans with kale.

5) Employee Spotlight on Terry | Cava Grill


After an weight loss journey, Terry works to motivate and inspire others to choose to live a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about Terry, our Montgomery Mall store manager, and how he savors life with our new blog series dedicated to the people who make your Cava experience great.