Happy Friday! Here’s our top five must-reads for this week:

1) If You’re Smoking A Barbecue At Home, Wood Is The Essential Ingredient | Food Republic

Hellooo fire pit season! As we gear up to bring out our barbecues, we’re learning about how to choose wood for the flame… who knew each wood has a unique type of flavor?

2) 8 New Cookbooks To Celebrate The Art Of Outdoor Cooking | Tasting Table

It’s time to take advantage of the warm weather and start grilling every. single thing. These eight cookbooks will keep you from going back to the same old grilled chicken.

3) For An Extra Caffeine Kick, Try Beer With Coffee | Bon Appetit 

Beer for breakfast? Well, maybe not… but the whole coffee-beer relationship is finally going beyond the old-news espresso stout.

4) What’s the Deal With Sprouted Grains? | The Dish

So, you can grow them? You can eat them? If you’re still not sure what’s up with sprouted grains, read on to learn how to prepare and eat them.

5) Spellbinding World Created With Simple Office Supplies | GOOD

Son Lux’s new music video takes ordinary items and transforms them to create an extraordinary story. Watch to see what can be done with some simple pins and threads from Office Depot.