Happy Friday! Here’s our top five must-reads for this week:

1) 20 Basic Cooking Techniques Every Home Chef Should Master | Bon Appetit

From making a simple vinaigrette to frying the perfect egg or even searing steak on a cast iron, these 20 tips will have you feeling like you can conquer any recipe. Let’s start with the basics.

2) A Chili Paste Primer | Food 52

We’re totally comfortable with Harissa – but have you ever wondered who its fellow paste friends are (and we’re not just talking sriracha)? This guide to flavors from around the world is a great place to start learning.

3) Nepal | rfeakins on Steller

After the devastating earthquake hit Nepal, we’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for this deeply devastated country. This thoughtful Steller story is dedicated to the people of Nepal as a tribute to the natural beauty and culture contained in the country’s temples, mountains, and city streets. #SaveNepal

4) Kevin | Cava Grill on Tumblr

At the center of our passion for food is our Cava team, an amazing group of men and women who bring that enthusiasm to life every day. Learn more about our Kevin, Chinatown store manager, as we kick off a new blog series dedicated to hearing straight from our team about how they savor life – both on the clock and off it.

5) Your Favorite Tips from the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up | Food 52

Haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning yet? This book has been popping up on our radar a lot lately, and we might just be inspired to declutter in time for summer. Maybe.