Happy Friday! Here’s our top five must-reads for the week:

1) Fresh Oregano and 4 Foods to Eat it With | Food 52

Oregano is a foundational herb in Greek cooking – you’ve heard us talk about SPOOL, right? High in antioxidants and aromatic in taste, oregano is the perfect addition to many Mediterranean dishes. Read on for ways to choose, store, prepare, and cook with this fresh herb.

2) Spring Asparagus Tart with Crazy Feta and Microgreens | Cava Grill on Tumblr

Bright green and nutrient-packed, asparagus is perfect paired with Crazy Feta and layered atop buttery puff pastry. You’re going to want to bookmark this recipe for Mother’s Day.

3) Tramaze wants to be the Airbnb for fitness | Washington Post

Newly launched, locally based Tramaze is kind of like Airbnb, but for fitness experiences. The virtual marketplace goes beyond what you’d expect from a Google search of gyms in a city you’re visiting; instead, you’ll find more immersive opportunities like a running tour of the city or a yoga studio that’s holding a workshop that’s the perfect pre-sightseeing activity.

4) Favorite Streets in 12 European Cities | New York Times

From cobblestones to city views, quiet corners to bustling urban oases, foodie finds to shoppers’ paradises – 12 contributors in 12 different cities each describe their favorite local spots. Now who’s buying our plane ticket?

5) Easy Recipes To Make the Most of Leftovers | Yahoo

Why go to extremes in trying to be more eco-conscious when there are so many easy and tasty ways to be less wasteful and get the most out of your food. Carrot top pesto and leftover wine granita? Yes please!