1) What the World’s Top Health Experts Eat for Breakfast | Greatist

This month we’ve been sharing a few of our favorite breakfast recipes – but we’re not going to try to tell you a Crazy Feta biscuit breakfast sandwich is the healthiest thing out there. That’s what the pros are for: From protein-packed smoothies to eclectic breakfast bowls, your next morning meal is sure to be inspired.

2) Spring’s Opening Act | New York Times

Strawberries, asparagus, peas – we can’t wait for spring’s best produce to make an appearance at our local farmer’s market. After reading this charmed vignette (apparently Mark Bittman has a soft spot for Berkeley), we’re seriously ready to start cooking with all of the fruits and veggies that spring has to offer.

3) (Almost) Sweet Like Candy: Your Guide to Baking With Sugar Alternatives | Bon Appetit

Experimenting with baking is all fun and games until you end up with dry cake or tasteless cookies. When trying to swap out refined white sugar in your dessert recipe, follow this helpful guide with tips from two baking experts that will help you get the best results. No more rock-hard (though healthy) banana muffins!

4) Artist Ryder Ripps Makes the Internet His Classroom | GOOD

How much has the internet brought the world closer together? An artist’s NYC exhibit examines modern tech culture by bringing the internet into an experiential classroom. This is seriously cool.

5) 22 Cookbooks We’ll Be Reading This Spring | Food Republic

We finally made it to spring! Ok, so today’s weather might have us waiting a little bit longer before scraping off the grill – but now you’ll be armed with cookbooks when the time is right (we’re hoping that’s very soon).