Happy Friday! Here’s our top V/5 for the week:

1) All About Chiles | Food 52

This summer we talked up on the nutritional benefits of our favorite Gordy’s Pickled Banana Peppers. This article digs even deeper into capsaicin-containing peppers that pack just as much of a punch in health benefits as they do in flavor. In case you need another reason to make a beeline for the Crazy Feta…

2) Hunger Makes You Buy More Stuff, Even If Its Not Food | Smithsonian Magazine

Now this is interesting: Ever hit the mall on an empty stomach? According to recent studies, shopping hungry can make you buy more. Consider us curious.

3) A Sweet Invention That Serves Honey On Tap | Huffington Post

A solution to getting fresh honey as easy as getting sap from a maple tree? Dreams really do come true: An Australian beekeeper has been developing the ‘Flow Hive,’ which dispenses honey from a beehive tap. Honey Green Tea, anyone?

4) Behind The Success of DC’s Unstoppable Food Incubator | Elevation DC

Our friends at Whisked! call Union Kitchen home, along with around 60 other food startups. Needless to say, this force in the artisan food scene is starting to outgrow its home base. Stay tuned for updates on its new Ivy City-based location, which will include, among other things, a café packed with Union Kitchen product faves.

5) #CreateYourCava | Cava Grill on Tumblr

Last month we shared the go-to orders of our friends at Gordy’s Pickle Jar, Whisked! and Runningbyrd Tea. This month, we’re getting personal with favorites from our founders – Ted, Ike, and Dimitri.