Happy Friday! Here’s our top V/5 for this week:

1) 15 Kid-Friendly Cooking Projects for Vacation (or Anytime) | Bon Appetit

Tired of hearing, “I’m bored” over and over again on snow days (after successful amounts of sledding have been achieved, of course)? Here’s some tasty ideas to keep the kids actively learning in the kitchen. We’re zeroing in on the Stromboli and Parmesan Chicken Cutlets.

2) Tiny Cooking Videos Are Big In Japan | Food Republic

Imagine trying to cook with a tiny pot and pan, tiny utensils, and miniature food all smaller than your fingertips. Apparently this is the next big Japanese trend. Sure, doing it the old-fashioned way may take half the time, but where’s the fun in that?

3) You’re Thinking About Fitness All Wrong | Washington Post

Feeling like you still haven’t made progress toward those resolutions – or Girl Scout cookie delivery time set you back a bit? Try the ancient Greek approach instead: Our favorite ancestors saw fitness as an outlet to push themselves physically and mentally to become more whole as a person – instead of just a way to drop some pounds. It’s all about the big picture, people.

4) These Gorgeous Maps Show The World’s Great Cities From A Local’s POV | Huffington Post

We know as much as any DC resident how intrinsic tourists are to everyday life in the District. But we also know how many hidden gems there are that we’d prefer stay hidden. These maps are such a really awesome visualization of where locals actually go. Also, apparently local Romans know never to actually go to Rome.

5) 8 Trips Inspired By Oscar-Nominated Films | New York Times 

It’s finally here – the final weekend of awards season! In reality, we’ve just been planning out our meal game plan for the evening – but in no-budget-restraints land, we’ve been dreaming of these vacation destinations inspired by the nominees.