Happy Friday! Here’s our top V/5 for the week:

1) American Kids Tried Breakfast Foods From Around The World | Buzzfeed

Back in October we shared a New York Times writeup about what kids around the world eat for breakfast. Leave it to Buzzfeed to take things to the next level with a video of American kids trying each of those cosmopolitan breakfast foods. Cue hilarious facial expressions.

2) The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts | Tasting Table

There’s nothing like a spunky hot sauce set or a set of dishes that flatter to make Valentine’s Day more fun. Cut the usual wine or flowers or chocolate and get one of these playful gift ideas instead – whether for your Valentine, your roommate, or even your mom.

3) Vegetarian Cooking Hacks Every Herbivore Should Know | Huff Post Taste

Our favorite pick from this list has to be the genius cabbage trick that cuts your slaw-making time down to mere minutes. For anyone who’s tired of lists detailing the top 50 tips for cooking a great steak, these herbivore-focused tricks are essential.

4) 8 Tricks To Make Yourself Wake Up Earlier | Fast Company

We know waking up earlier makes us more productive for the day – and yet that snooze button always looks so inviting. How about setting your alarm one minute earlier every day ‘till you reach your goal? Now that’s the kind of habit segue we could handle.

5) Amazing Fine-Dining Illustrations | Grub Street

We’re as guilty as the next person of snapping smartphone pics of our food every time we sit down for a meal. But design-school grad Emily Parkinson brings her sketchbook to dinner instead. Mixing design and food – rather than apps and filters – seems like a much better way to capture a meal.