Happy Friday! Here are our top V/5 picks for the week:

1) Game Day Recipes | Cava Grill on Tumblr

It’s almost game time! Kick off your Sunday festivities with a slew of easy snack recipes. All you need is a few of our dips and you’re on your way to throwing a killer party. No really, there are HARISSA HOT WINGS involved.

2) Eat All Your Vegetables: How to Use Stems and Roots | Food52

We’re all about incorporating whole veggies into our diets whenever we can – after all, the broccoli in our SuperGreens blend is largely made up of the nutrient-rich stalks. From stock to pickling to sauces to pesto, there are tons of ways to make the usually-thrown-away pieces work for you.

3) The Sun | frosso_ on Steller

As the wind turns bone-chillingly cold and icy snow covers the ground, it’s that time of year we start to look for signs of warmth anywhere we can. Here’s a beautiful collection of sunny moments to tide you over ‘till spring.

4) 15 Places to Go in 2015 | The Active Times

Speaking of warmth, who else has been dreaming about spring break or summer vacation already? Here’s some ideas for vacation locales that are rapidly gaining recognition.

5) The Fitness Trends That Will Rule in 2015 | The Washington Post

Going back to simple workouts while integrating new technology will predictably guide our fitness routine in 2015. Body-weight training, small group personal training, and building community in studio classes are all predicted trends for the New Year – ready, set, stick with those resolutions.