Happy 2015! Here’s our top V/5 for this week:

1) How to Make Alcoholic Ginger Beer From Scratch | Grist

We’re thinking 2015 will be a year of trying new things – and first up on our list is this at-home ginger beer recipe that’s just begging for the DIY treatment.

2) 12 Healthy Soups for Cold Days | Cookie + Kate

Sure, December was a bit on the weak side winter weather-wise, but with these healthy soup recipes at our side, we’re armed and ready for a chilly January.

3) Everything You Need to Get Ready for the 2015 Food Lover’s Cleanse | Bon Appetit

If you haven’t heard of the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse, listen up. The esteemed publication has been producing this ‘cleanse’ but five straight years now, and the menu always manages to make us actually want to eat healthy and balance out our lives in 2015.

4) The Ultimate Guide to Totally Nailing Every One of Your Goals in 2015 | Greatist

Sure, it seems like everyone goes a little resolution crazy this time of year – but this roundup from Greatist might actually make us stick to those goals. And enjoy doing it.

5) Dining Experts Name Their Restaurant Standbys | Eater DC

Eater asked a few of its go-to critics, bloggers, and friends to name their actual everyday go-tos. And hey, there’s Cava Grill mentioned not once but THREE times. Also on our radar this week: Eater asked the same crew to recap 2014 in one word, and FAST-CASUAL was at the top of the list.

Cheers to 2015, friends!